A cannon in front of Hillsman House on the Sailor's Creek battlefield, which is now a Virginia state park.

I know that some GUNNS fought for the North but the ones I am most familiar with, the ones in my own personal line were loyal to the South. They fought and some died to gain and protect States Rights. My son Mick is a historian and a Civil War buff. I will let him help me with this page and will acknowledge him and give him my thanks for his expertise in this area.

I would like to begin by giving honor to my direct ancestor. My Great-Grandfather, Birdine Owens GUNN.



Algernon B. Gunn 41st Va. Inftry. Co. G. enlisted 17 Feb 1862 in Petersburg,Va. from Dinwiddie Co. POW 2 May 1863 Chancellorsville; held at Old Capitol prison until exchanged 10 May 1863. Hospitalized until after June 1863. Wounded Spotsylvania May 1864, Huguenot Springs Hospital until late Sept.1864. POW 2 April 1865 near Mulberry Run on Lee's retreat to Appomattox, Point Lookout prison April 1865-13 June 1865.


Burgess Leander French was in the 42nd MS, and was wounded in the first days battle at Gettysburg, near the railroad cut.
He was with the outfit that started the battle. He hid in an outhouse soaking his hand in a tin of cool water to kill the pain, for 3 days. His comment was "the fighting was hot and heavy for 3 days". He got back to his unit after the battle and was sent home for 30 days to heal. We thank and honor Burgess Leander French, Great-Grandfather of Robert "BOB" French.



Elisha G. Gunn 18th Va. Inftry., Co. G enlisted 22 April 1861 age 34;farmer; present until 6 April 1865; captured Saylor's Creek, paroled from Point Lookout Prison 4 June 1865.


Private Eugene Kincaid GUNN born, May 12, 1843, the son of James William Frederick and Mary Ann Burlington GUNN. Served as a Private in the Richmond Greys and Infantry that many Southerners hold in high esteem. Enlisted 30 June 1861, pvt. Co. A age 18; (redsig. Co. G, 12th Va. Inftry.) captured 7 June 1864 POW Point Lookout until exchange exchanged 13 Feb. 1865


George Washington GUNN served in the CSA and was a POW in New Orleans. George was the Great- Grandfather of CWO2 Clarence Ardell "TED" Willis who served through several wars/conflicts and in peace time. You may find Teds info on the Vietnam page.
Our heartfelt thanks to those who served to protect States Rights! We honor and thank you, George Washington GUNN!


George W. GUNN, son of Thomas T. GUNN and Elizabeth Ann Hailey GUNN enlisted in the 7th regiment cavalry,Southern Missouri Volunteers,at Camden, Mo on August 4 1863. He was killed in action Oct 14 1863. His enlistment total 2 months, and 10 days. He was 28 years old. Was 6ft and 2inchs tall,had light hair and blue eyes.
Info from record of enlistment papers Mo Form #242 ago Mo 11-3-11-6 M Camden Mo. Dated Aug 4 1863.

This cousin paid the ultimate price for his beliefs and his country. Thank you sir! Rest in the Lord until we may thank you face to face!


Lt. James Montgomery GUNN born October 20, 1830, son of James William Frederick and Mary Ann Burlington GUNN served as Lieutenant of Henrico Troop Calvary, CSA.


John B. Gunn 41st Va. Inftry Co. B. conscripted from State militia March 1862. from Dinwiddie Co. wounded at Glendale on 30 June 1862; special detail as Provost Guard, Anderson's Division, Jan. 1863-April 1863. POW Cold Harbor 1 June 1864. Point Lookout prison exchanged on 11 March 1865 suffering from scurvy.


Second Sgt. Joseph GUNN, my great, great uncle and brother to my great, great grandfather, Captain Birdine Owens GUNN,CSA. Joseph Gunn 24th Va. Inftry., Co. E. enlisted 27 May 1861; 2nd Sgt.; died 2 Feb 1863 of wounds received at Fredericksburg; Charl. Hosp. buried in Pulaski Co.

Rest in peace beloved Uncle! My whole family thanks you for all you did in trying to keep the South free and trying to maintain states rights! Thank you, sir!


Captain Josiah M. GUNN born September 2, 1838, the son of James William Frederick and Mary Ann Burlington GUNN. Served as Captain of the 15th Virginia Artillery, CSA.


Lewis Lunsford GUNN born, November 9, 1835, the son of James William Frederick and Mary Ann Burlington GUNN. Served in the Engineering Corps, Richmond Defense.


Lundy Reid GUNN was in Company "A" 17th MS Regiment. Lundy Reid GUNN your descendents give you thanks and honor!


Second Lieutenant Richard Burlington GUNN born, July 30, 1837, the son of James William Frederick and Mary Ann Burlington GUNN. 1st Va. Inftry, enlisted 19 April 1861 pvt. Co. A. age 23; (redsig. Co. G. 12th Va. Inftry.) enlisted as pvt. Otey Battery 14 April 1862. 2nd Lt. Co. A. 13th Bn. Va. Light Arty. 1862-1865 still living 1890.


Robert C. Gunn 18th Va. Inftry., Co. G. enlisted 27 April 1861; age 32; farmer; absent sick Aug-Oct 1861; wounded in arm 27 June 1862 @ Gaines's Mill; returned to duty in Sept. Appointed company cook in May 1863; present through Dec. 1864.


Private Robert Semple GUNN born, August 3, 1832, the son of James William Frederick and Mary Ann Burlington GUNN. Served as a Private In the Pamunkey Artillery, CSA.


Third Sgt. Samuel GUNN, my great, great uncle and brother to my great, great grandfather, Captain Birdine Owens GUNN,CSA. Samuel Gunn 24 Va. Inftry., Co. E. enlisted 27 May 1861; 3rd Sgt.; died 25 July 1862 of wounds received at Frayser's Farm, Chimborazo, buried in Pulaski Co.

Thank you beloved uncle! May you rest in peace until we can see you again. Thank you for giving your life for a cause you thought worthy. Your heroism will be remembered!


Private Samuel Henry Harrison GUNN, the son of Freeman J. GUNN and Maria J. Bridgforth Gunn, born 1832, died 1904. Samuel spent four years between 1860 and 1870 in service to the Confederated States of America. He enlisted on June 11, 1861 at Fletchers Chapel in Lunenburg County, Virginia, located on what is now Road 600 between Blackstone and Kenbridge.

He served in the Virginia 9th infantry., 1st Co. H. the Infantry of 28th Bn, Co C and the 59th Infantry, 2nd Co H. He was described in one Muster Roll as being 5'9" tall, complexion light, hair brown, eyes grey. He was a private in Company H, for the Wise Legion. He was present at the seige of Petersburg and the Battle of the Crater . He was buried by the explosions and had to be dug out. On April 6, 1865 he was captured at Burkeville, Virginia and sent to prison at City Point in Petersburg where he arrived on April 14, 1865. He was then sent to Point Lookout Prison Maryland where he was released on June 13, 1865, almost exactly four years from the time he enlisted. Thanks to Cheryl GUNN Maxwell for this contribution.

The following has been taken from Military Images Magazine who had the above picture as it's cover on Volume XIV, Number 1, July-August 1992.

"Thirty five year old Sam GUNN enlisted June 11, 1861 in the Lunenburg Heavy Artillery at Fletcher's Chapel, Virginia. The unit was stationed briefly at the Pig Point Battery in Hampton Roads, then converted to infantry and designated Company H, 9th Virginia Infantry. On May 8, 1862 the company was transferred to the 28th Virginia Battalion for service as guards in the military prisons in Richmond. In October the unit became part of the 59th Virginia Volunteers, "Wise's Legion."

The 59th served in the defenses east of Richmond. In the spring of 1863 Wise attacked Federal forces in the Williamsburg area in support of Longstreet's Suffolk campaign. Following this episode the 59th Virginia was assigned to the defenses in Charleston. The soldier-artist Conrad Wise Chapman, ordnance sergeant of the 59th, painted some of his most famous works during this period.

In the final year of the war, the 59th returned to Virginia in time to take part in the battle of the Crater. In later years, Sam GUNN would tell his grandchildren how he was buried in the explosion and had to be dug out by comrades. GUNN was captured at Burkeville during the retreat from Petersburg, April 6, 1865.

GUNN'S photograph is not dated. Militia-style belts indicate it probably was taken soon after his enlistment." by - William R. Gibbs

The picture, called an ambrotype is from the collection of the author, Sam GUNN'S Great-grandson.

We give thanks and honor to Private Samuel Henry Harrison GUNN,CSA! Thank you Sam for all you have done and serving so proudly! GUNN'S everywhere salute you!


SGT. Thomas H. GUNN 1st Va. Inftry. Enlisted 21 April 1861 as Cpl., Co. G. promoted Sgt. 13 Aug. 1861; reduced in rank 26 April 1862. wounded at Battle of Seven Pines. Furnished as substitute for the summer of 1862 and is presumed to have been discharged. 4 July 1864 apptd. deputy clerk of Henrico Co. Court. died 8 Oct. 1888


Thomas J. Gunn 18th Va. Inftry,. Co. G. enlisted 22 April 1861; age 24;farmer; wounded in wrist 27 June 1862 @ Gaines's Mill; returned to duty Jan. 1863; missing and presumed killed 3 July 1863 at Gettysburg.


Lt. William Frederick Gunn born April 27, 1829 and served in the CSA, Southern Artillery. The son of James William Frederick and Mary Ann Burlington GUNN.


James Lawrence Lyon was only 16 when he signed up with the 11th MS, he was at college in Oxford, MS., at the time. He tried to sign up in 1861 but was turned down because of age. He managed to get in the next spring at 16. He lost his left arm and was wounded in the left leg, in Pickett's charge on July 3rd. He was close to the wall when he went down. He was captured on the field of battle and taken prisoner. He underwent two amputations of the left arm, and spent 9 months at the prison camp "Point Lookout" Maryland. He was exchanged and returned to MS to become a Post Master, Lawyer and Judge.

When his Great-Grandson, Robert "BOB" French first heard about him the relatives said we had a "Colonel" Lyon in the CSA. When Bob wrote for the documents, it came back that he was a private. The townfolk back home must have held him in such high esteem that they called him Colonel. PVT OR COLONEL, it doesn't matter....We give great thanks and Honor to PVT. James Lawrence Lyon, CSA.



Charles Scott GUNN, fought in the Civil War on the Union side, Co. B, 8th Regiment of Indiana Infantry. He served from 8 Aug 1862 and was discharged 14 June 1865 in Savannah, GA. He saw some pretty tough action, including the siege of Vicksburg,Miss, May 18-July 4; assaults on Vicksburg in May 1863. After discharge, he was granted a pension for back problems incurred from swimming across streams and rivers with other soldiers on his back (those who couldn't swim). We honor his bravery, Charles Scott GUNN was Great-Grandfather of SGT.E-5 Richard Andis.


William H Gunn, on July 5, 1861 near the beginning of the civil war, William enlisted in the Union Army. He was assigned to Co A, Hickory Co. Battalion, attached to the Osage Regiment of the Missouri Home Guards. Serving under Capt. John Cosgrove, he was stationed for 3 months at the Barracks in Jefferson City, as Co teamster.
While on a march from there to Linn Creek Mo about Oct 15, 1861 he was trying to bridle an unruley mule, when it struck him on the hip with a front hoof causing serious injury. As the result of this injury, he was discharged on Dec 20, 1861 at Jefferson City, Mo. He walked with a cane the rest of his life. In March 1891 he applied for an invalid pension which he recieved for the remaining 12 years of his life. At the rate of 12 dollars a month. His widow, Milley Ann, recieved 8 dollars a month until his death.

When Willam H. Gunn was a small child in Lincoln Co Tenn, he was taken to a place where slaves were sold. He said he never forgot the sound of crying and wailing as families were being seperated. Because of that he never owned slaves and wanted to see them freed. His father was Thomas T. Gunn.

Record from Army record Jefferson City, Mo. and GSA Washington DC.Pension records from GSA Washington,DC.


Thanks to the following people for their contributions to this page: Newly found GUNN cousin,

Robert Earl Balducci, Jr. who was named after his Uncle Robert Earl GUNN,Elizabeth "Bobbie" Themer, Cheryl GUNN Maxwell, Douglas Powell Fisher, Clarence Ardell "Ted" Willis, Arcell Sawyer, Richard "Dick" Andis, Robert "Bob" French

and anyone else I may have forgotten to note here, just let me know and your name will be added. I have not left anyone out on purpose! Thanks to you all!

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